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Misty Jackson, Project Manager

As an Arkansas native, Misty has a love for the south and caring for people. Misty has a great passion for patient care with a great deal of knowledge ranging from management, clinical, surgical, and clerical responsibilities. With 8 years of experience at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, a Fortune 500 company, she has gained much of her experience as an EKG Technician, Heart Station Technician and an Interim Heart Station Supervisor. During her time at Children's Hospital, she worked to pursue her education at University of Arkansas at Little Rock, focusing on Nursing and General Business while starting a family of her own. In May 2015, Misty joined PTCOA where she assisted Dr. Mikhail Ivanovsky with patient care in clinic as well as in procedures. Her tenacity and incredible work ethic lead her to a position on the management team within the company. Over the years, Misty has been recognized for her countless teamwork efforts, proactive leadership skills, problem solving abilities, as well as her positivity and integrity. From the workplace to her home life she strives to spread joy and encourage those around her to do and be their very best. In her free time, Misty enjoys fishing, cooking, and spending time with her two children, Molly and Levi as well as her husband, Thomas.

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