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All the noise…

  April 5, 2016

In today’s world we suffer NOT from too much information .. but from TOO many “headlines”. News these days plays like the old Top 40 Radio stations. It’s nice and pleasant, but you ONLY hear the top 40 songs. Song number 41 never makes it.

In a similar way medical news and updates only come to those that are attentive, watching and searching for it. Our Doctors are those people. The ones that weed and sort out the REAL information .. if it is song 1 or 39 or 41 or even 99. We like to pass along the news we know will be helpful to you. That said, many times it is news we have know or have been practicing for years already.

The following article is a great example. It is designed for PRIMARY CARE doctors … but we have been known and suggesting these changes for years.

As Pain Specialist have seen the results of misuse and it hurts us.
You see, as long care, DEDICATED Pain Doctors we will still be here after the fly by night Pill Mills have gotten you hooked.
We are not “spoil sports” or mean Doctors trying to keep you in pain, FAR from it. We are the OPPOSITE of that image.
We are the Doctors who pick up the pieces after other provider may have made a mess.
We KNOW what addiction looks like, and how sad it is and the lives and families it can destroy.

Our Goal is your Recovery … not simply medicating you.
Call us today and let’s talk about how we can assist you.

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