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Can you smell it?

  November 25, 2015

The distinctive smell of turkey cooking, the joy and cheers as each of the relatives and loved ones arrive. The giggle of children as they chase and play with each other. The faint smiles on every face, no matter where they are from or how long (or short) it has been since we have seen them last. The questions and interest about new “friend” that the teenagers have brought to dinner.

All these sights, sounds and smells make Thanksgiving the best Holiday of all. No gift giving pressure (that’s for next month), just the pleasure of being together …cherishing for another year the great blessings of life, family and freedom and resolving each year to do more with each. More of Life, more of family and more with our freedom.

Pain Treatment Centers of America is a business. A business made up of people that, like you, are grateful and all too aware of our blessings. We thank you for being our friends, customers and associates. May each of you find and appreciate the blessings, comfort and peace that comes from being “Thank Full” on this holiday.

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