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Improve Your Healthy Diet: Finding Fresh Produce in Conway, AR

  November 29, 2018

Inflammation is a common condition for those who suffer from chronic pain and a healthy diet can play a significant role in its treatment. Inflammation affects those with arthritis and sacroiliac joint pain.

These conditions occur in response to the immune system, which causes inflammation in the joints, resulting in chronic pain. But a healthy diet can help improve your immune system and reduce swelling by small degrees.

Healthy diets are difficult for even the most disciplined eaters; however, that doesn’t mean a healthy lifestyle can’t be enjoyable. When individuals pair a sensible diet with fresh air, walking, socializing, and exploring their hometown, a healthy diet becomes part of daily fun!

To help jumpstart your healthy lifestyle, we have compiled a list of six local farmers markets near you, in Conway, Arkansas! Grab a family member or friend and enjoy sampling and purchasing fresh, local produce that can be incorporated into a healthy daily diet.

1. Downtown Conway Farmers and Crafts Market

Located at 1132 Front Street in downtown Conway next to Patio Café, the Downtown Conway Farmers and Crafts Market offers seasonal produce, handmade crafts, and natural products from May through October.

2. Conway Farmers Market

Located at Antioch Baptist Church, the Conway Farmers Market is a local, bi-weekly, outdoor market featuring local farmers, artisans, and live music. The market features more than 40 vendors to browse.

3. Conway Locally Grown

Conway Locally Grown is an online farmers market that began in Spring of 2008. They sell fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy, and a plethora of meats. Most of the produce sold here are synthetic fertilizer- and pesticide-free. Order the produce you want in custom quantities from the farms of your choice.

4. Baptist Health Farmers Markets

Baptist Health Farmers Markets are committed to healthy living. They focus on a journey to wellness, which includes cooking demos, healthy lifestyle tips, contests, and giveaways. Baptist Health takes boxes of fresh, healthy produce sourced from this farmers market into high-need, low-income neighborhoods, and other communities across the state.

5. Waccamaw Market Cooperative - Conway Farmers Market

The Waccamaw Market Cooperative is a three-market farmers market. The market takes place each Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. during the season. Located at 217 Laurel Street, the market stocks everything from fruits, to vegetables, to art.

6. Conway Regional Health System Farmers Market

Conway Regional Health System holds a weekly online farmers market to its community, offering a variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables, as well as meat, eggs, and honey. The market is open for online ordering each week, from Sunday at noon, to Wednesday at 9 a.m.

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