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I’ve Tried That! It Did Not Work!

  September 8, 2015

The words hung heavy in the air. How do you reply to that? Many times, when we are in acute pain, the question comes up. Why even bother? What good does it do? That is the depression talking. But you say, I am not depressed, I am a happy person. Not so fast there. Depression is not a “shortage of happy “. Depression can strike us all and there is not a person who will not be affected while in constant pain. Depression is not something you CHOSE. It is something that comes with long term pain. There is no escaping it. But you CAN do something about the pain. Even if it “did not work” before. There have been great advances in medical treatment for acute pain in the last few years. You wouldn’t expect to climb into a new car at the dealer and see a cassette player, THINGS CHANGE. Don’t try and “push your way through it”. Come visit our caring and highly trained staff at Pain Treatment Centers of America and learn what we can do to help you manage your pain. At our Total Care Facility we can analyze your condition and chose the solution that best fits you. We are not a “shot / pill clinic”. We want a result that changes your life for the better. So, please, let’s try it again. You don’t still want a cassette player do you?

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