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Let’s get Local….Red Flag Alerts

  October 27, 2015

Novemeber 3rd, 2015 our own Dr. Carl Covey will be presenting (and offering CEU Credit) a discussion about Red Flags and Drug Seeking Behavior. This is a Program offered by AR Attorney General, Leslie Rutledge. Her office is sponsoring a Prescription Drug Abuse Summit. We are honored to have Dr. Covey selected to speak at this event and recognized as an expert in this field. People addicted to Pain medication offer a particular pattern when they try to obtain medications. Those “flags” can be identified and steps taken to help the patient. By sharing his knowledge and experience with other local physicians in Arkansas, Dr. Covey is able to help educate others as to how to treat this illness. Dr. Covey will be sharing his examples of “red flag” behavior and tools used to identify Drug Seeking patients. We at PTCOA applaud and thank Dr. Covey for his dedication, knowledge and willingness to share with others to help reduce the instances of this problem in Arkansas.

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