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Nature Walks Near White Hall, AR

  August 27, 2018

Walking outdoors is a fun, easy way to alleviate physical pain while improving your mood. Regular exercise keeps your joints moving, which helps to reduce pain. Exercise causes your body to produce “feel-good” hormones called endorphins that reduce your perception of pain.

Studies show that being outdoors and immersing yourself in nature helps fight depression, anxiety, and fatigue while also enhancing sleep, energy, overall mood, and blood circulation.

Fortunately, Arkansas is full of scenic walking and hiking trails not far from White Hall that will motivate you to get moving as you explore their beauty!

Delta Rivers Nature Center

The Governor Mike Huckabee Delta River Nature Center is the perfect weekend destination for outdoor fun. Located at 1400 Black Dog Road in Pine Bluff, it is about 20 minutes from White Hall. Surrounded by the Black Dog Bayou and the Lake Langhofer, the nature center offers four trails with beautiful views and wildlife.

Discovery Loop

Discovery Loop, the main trail, is great for beginners! Paved and easily accessible, it’s only a brief 0.5-mile walk.

Whitetail Trail

Whitetail Trail consists of a paved loop and is a short 0.25-mile walk along the Black Dog Lake. It’s common to hear the cheerful sound of robins and other songbirds along this trail.

Armadillo Trail

Armadillo Trail is a short, unpaved trail that will take you through a beautiful forest for 0.25 miles.

Blue Heron Trail

Blue Heron Trail is the longest of the trails at Delta Rivers Nature Center. During this unpaved, 0.75-mile trail, you can discover many different types of wildlife and explore their natural habitat.

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Lake Saracen Walking Trail

Another wonderful trail to get you active is the Lake Saracen Walking Trail located at Saracen Landing in Pine Bluff. This trail is over 1.75 miles long, giving you a longer walk than those mentioned above.

You will walk along the eastern side of Lake Saracen on a paved, handicapped-accessible trail. Stop to take a break and soak up the beautiful views of Lake Saracen on one of the multiple benches along the trail.

William G. Layher Nature Trail

If you’re looking for a longer trail that is completely wooded and unpaved, the William G Layher Nature Trail at Bayou Bartholomew located in Pine Bluff is the place for you. This trail will take you along 1.75 miles of mixed forest adjacent to the Bayou Bartholomew (now the largest bayou in the world!). You will spot beautiful cypress trees, waterfowl, numerous wildlife species, and a large flat of massive willow oaks (some approaching 400 years old).

White Hall City Park

For something closer to home, White Hall City Park is located right across from City Hall. White Hall City Park offers a paved walking trail along with plenty of playground equipment with a fenced area for children, a skateboard park, baseball and softball fields, two tennis courts, and multiple pavilions for shade. This is a great location for a last minute Sunday night walk or a Saturday picnic with the family.

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